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Laugh as your team hums, whistles, sketches, sculpts, acts, puzzles, and even spells backwards to win.

Game Type

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


4 or more players

What You Need To Play

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From the Makers

This game includes 400 of the best mind (and body.) bending challenges from the Cranium game over the years. Take on another team head-to-head for faster gameplay. Spell, puzzle, act, hum, or just guess your way to victory within 4 categories. It's outrageous fun for everyone. Simply cruise around the gameboard completing color-coded activities within the 1-minute time limit. The first team to reach the Cranium Central space and complete one last challenge wins.

The Cranium game lets you show off your individual talents. Do you feel the urge to put yourself center stage? Then act, hum, and unleash your inner impersonator in the Star Performer category. Or sketch, sculpt, and draw stick-figure masterpieces if you think the Creative Cat category is your strength. If you have all sorts of facts stored deep in your brain, then Data Head is the category for you. And if you're a wordsmith, then you should solve the puzzles, define the words, and even spell them backward with the Word Worm questions. Pick your category, complete your challenge, and win.

You have to work together with your teammates to win. If you complete your challenge successfully, your team gets to roll the colorful dice and cruise around the Cranium gameboard. Once you reach the Cranium Central space, you have just one more challenge to complete to be the winners. Do you think you could sculpt a giraffe using the Cranium clay in under a minute? Yes? Then Cranium is the game for you. Flip the card, flip the timer, and go. The Cranium game is the outrageously fun way to kick-start your party.

You don't just compete against the clock in the game of Cranium; the All-Play cards get you to pit your talents against your rival team as well. You might not think you can act out the hokey pokey silently; then again, you might be surprised at the hidden talents within you. Have you ever tried drawing a black hole? How about drawing a black hole with your eyes closed? Cranium is the award-winning game that allows your unsung talents to shine.

Our Opinion

Cranium Classic has long been known for its goofy, unpredictable activities, challenging even the most well-rounded players to step up their game. This latest version includes 600 updated playing cards--making the adventures all-new again--and the bonus Family Pack is a shoe-in for family-only game nights.

Though the game features new playing cards, gameplay is still the same--roll the 10-sided, colorful die, pick the matching colored card, and complete the activity listed to advance to the next Planet Cranium. Once you get to Cranium Central, successfully complete the final task and lead your team to victory! The bright, fun colors and cartoonish characters only add to the overall silliness and goofiness of the game, encouraging those playing to let their guard down and have a good time.

Cranium is great for large groups or events--whether it's a party, a reunion, or just even a family game night. The game constantly challenges players in trivia and creativity, creating a fun and spontaneous atmosphere.

However, keep in mind this particular version of Cranium is designed for ages 16 and up, so if you have younger children, you may want to play one of the other versions. There is also a warning listed about the clay containing wheat--just a thoughtful heads-up for anyone with wheat allergies.

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