Unscramble the wedding related words.

Game Type

Passive. Little or no movement is required.


4 or more players

What You Need To Play

Papers printed with scrambled words (See below)


Find out just how well your guests know about organizing a wedding by having them unscramble the following list of wedding related words. The first person to complete the unscrambling properly is the winner. If no one completes the list within a 10 minute time period, the one with the most correct answers is the winner.

1. morgo
2. grin
3. grealcmny
4. reshus
5. trarge
6. smiedsibrad
7. stigf
8. worfsel
9. kace
10. tenbasm
11. edrbi
12. crie

Answers unscrambled:

1. groom
2. ring
3. clergyman
4. ushers
5. garter
6. bridesmaids
7. gifts
8. flowers
9. cake
10. bestman
11. bride
12. rice

You can create your own words by using words to describe the bride-to-be.

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